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Deltic Wash Force was founded by Vince MacNeil (founder of MacNeil Wash Systems, the premier car wash equipment manufacturer in North America) and Brett Bunston (former R&D and Service Manager at MacNeil Wash Systems).  They recognized the need in the Canadian car wash industry for an experienced and professional express tunnel distributorship that could provide end-to-end support for new investors and established operators. 

Developed to serve the needs of the growing car wash market, Deltic's customers range from single site to to multi-site operators, and seasoned owners to new investors looking for expert advice on how to break into this lucrative business.

Although the Deltic Team has experience with all car wash models, from self-serve to in-bay automatic rollovers, they focus primarily on the express tunnel segment  which has become very popular with new investors who are looking to maximize their ROI.

The staff experience at Deltic encompasses over 30+ years in design, marketing, operations, parts, service and chemistry.  They would be proud to partner with you in your ongoing or new business.

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