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Profit Builders!

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Ceramic Punch provides a wear-resistant, long-lasting protective layer that is resistant to water and detergents. Creating a deep, shiny gloss your customers will love this in your top wash package, making for an easy up-sell!

Reflection gives your customers’ vehicles a gloss and shines like they’ve never seen before! This game changing product is a powerful drying agent and provides a smooth, just waxed feel to the surface of any

Your car wash needs the correct chemical strategy to produce a clean, shiny, and dry car that keeps customers coming back!

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Todays consumers are highly sophisticated, and they're looking for eco-friendly products that provide an elaborate show, such as LED lights, coloured foams, and pleasant scents, while producing a clean, dry shiny car....every time.

CONTACT US TODAY if you're are ready to:

  • WOW your customers and increase loyalty

  • Stand out from your competitors and attract new customers

  • Create up-sell opportunities with new products like Ceramic Glaze

  • Lower your cost-per-car and increase profits


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Hours:  Mon-Fri 8am to 4:30pm

501 Welham Rd., Unit 9
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 8Z6

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