Your car wash needs the correct chemical strategy to produce a clean, shiny, and dry car that keeps customers coming back!

Understanding water treatment, the importance of pH levels, the benefits of conditioning soaps, and the use of specialty applications is essential to create the best results for your express tunnel wash, and realize higher revenues.  


The team at Deltic Wash Force knows that proper chemistry is just as important as the equipment you use in your wash. And, with the added challenges that our Canadian climate brings such as road salt, insects, hot to freezing vehicle surfaces, and ice buildup, you need a professional to set-up your program, and keep it monitored for peak performance. 

Todays consumers are highly sophisticated, and they're looking for eco-friendly products that provide an elaborate show, such as LED lights, coloured foams, and pleasant scents, while producing a clean, dry shiny car....every time.

Contact us today if you are ready to:


  • WOW your customers and increase loyalty

  • Stand out from your competitors and attract new customers

  • Create up-sell opportunities with new products like Ceramic Glaze

  • Lower your cost-per-car and increase profits