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At Deltic Wash Force, we've spent years developing a formula on when, where, and how to make a profitable car wash business.

We pride ourselves in providing consultative support that allows you to fully understand the technological requirements, resource commitments, and financial investment it takes to be successful in the express tunnel car wash industry.


From analyzing the initial opportunity, to your Grand Opening, and beyond, Deltic Wash Force will be there to provide complete end-to-end solutions, advice, and support.


We'll guide you step-by-step through the critical project phases such as:

  • Analyzing your car wash site location

  • Developing the site layout

  • Assisting in the permitting process

  • Preparing your business plan

  • Engaging contractors

  • Selecting suppliers

  • Calculating your return on investment



To supply the best, first class components for your car wash business, we've partnered with world class car wash companies in critical areas of supply such as:

  • Express tunnel car wash equipment

  • Eco friendly chemicals

  • OEM parts

  • Architectural and site layout design

  • POS systems and controls

  • Central vacuum systems

  • Marketing and signage

For car wash operators who want to remodel or retrofit an existing car wash, we can provide a comprehensive survey of your operation from top to bottom, including equipment, chemicals, and marketing, to ensure you get the maximum ROI on your project.

Contact us today to begin, or perfect, your car wash investment!

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